O General vs Daikin

O General vs Daikin [Which is better o General or Daikin?]

Air conditioners are very popular in the market, giving relief from the heat in summers. An air conditioner can effectively work in the tropical climate of India where the temperature rises to 50 degrees Celsius. In India, you can see many popular brands offering the best and smart air conditioners to provide excellence in air conditioning.

O General vs Daikin

Daikin and O General are two renowned and reputed air conditioners brands in India. Let’s know more about them:

         Daikin 1.5 Ton Split AC     
    OGENERAL Inverter Split AC  

  • Capacity : 1.5 Ton
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas : R32
  • Annual Energy Consumption : 824 units  

  • Capacity : 2 Ton
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Self Diagnosis
  •  Ambient Operating Range      

Daikin [Daikin AC]

This brand was the first one to provide air conditioning systems in Japan. Their primary focus was on air conditioning while they run a secondary business of refrigerants. They operate in more than 150 countries including India. The brand makes sure compliance with global quality check standards.

They have adopted the production process, which is designed to protect the environment with a great reduction in noise levels and power consumption. This brand has gained a reputation in the Indian market with a double growth rate. They only offer split air conditions for residential users.

While on the other hand, commercial and industrial users can get a wide range of options including ducted, cassette, and VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume). The split air conditioners offered by Daikin have the below-mentioned features:

  • Split air conditioners have a 3D Coanda Airflow to provide unobtrusive cooling.
  • They are a two-in-one category of air conditioners such as heating and cooling. Its dual comfort series have this functionality. 
  • There is a power chill mode backed with dual flap flattening to offer faster cooling.
  • These air conditioners are based on a streamer discharge technology along with smell-proof operations.
  • There is a copper condenser with an anti-corrosive fin in these ACs.
  • A stabilizer-free operation is present to protect air conditioners from aftereffects of a power cut.
  • There is an inverter compressor for optimized cooling.

O General [O General AC]

Another name of O General is Fujitsu General. They are a Japanese air conditioning brand that manufactures air conditioners. It is headquartered in Chennai. You can get a complete catalog of air conditioners from this brand, which ranges from windows to split, from cassette ACs to ductable air conditioners for both residential and commercial needs. O General Air conditioners have different AC technologies, which are listed below:

Hot and Cold : The leaders of air conditioning systems have invented the concept of conditioning or setting it to a particular temperature. It means that ACs should condition the temperature in the winter as well according to the user’s needs.

Modern split inverter air conditioners from this brand can implement the theory of heating during winters as well. They have a built-in heater to reverse the air conditioning cycle. O general air conditioners are capable of cooling the room even in the frigid temperature of -15 degrees Celsius.

Human Sensor : There is an embedded human sensor in these units to figure out how many humans are present in the room to offer optimal cooling. It works to catch the people’s movement in the room and when they leave the room, it adjusts accordingly.

V-Pam Inverter Technology : You can get both non-inverter and inverter split ACs from this brand. ASGG series of O General ACs have a V-PAM inverter compressor-based technology that adjusts the frequency according to the ambient atmospheric conditions to give comfortable cooling and effective management of power consumption. This technology decreases the effect of magnetic reflux and improves the speed of the inverter compressor.

High-Density Multi-Path Heat Exchanger : These air conditioners come with a high-density lambda type heat exchanger along with multi-path efficiency. They have high-performance grooved piping systems to expedite the heat exchange procedure.

Negative Air Ions Deodorizing Filter : These ACs have a negative air ion deodorizing filter, which is very easy to maintain. This filter is designed to deodorize air before circulation. It also assists in eliminating minute dust and dirt particles in the air, giving clean air to the environment. These filters can be easily cleaned manually for enhanced longevity.

Both brands have strong competition in the market.

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Which is better Daikin or O General?

Now, coming to the main thing, which brand is better? The answer to this question relies on your needs and preferences. Where do you want to place your air conditioner in a residential or commercial area? Which type of air conditioner do you want like a split or a window?

What tonnage do you need to provide better cooling in a particular-sized room or building? There are many things you must have in your mind while choosing between the two of these brands.

Each brand has a wide range of models of air conditioners, from which you can choose accordingly. The Daikin air conditioners have a better star energy rating than the O General ones.

There will be many factors to consider according to which you can choose an air conditioner for your needs. you can compare both of these brands according to the technology, inverter technology, power consumption, tonnage, energy star rating, features, and many others.

By going online, you can easily compare different models of Daikin and O General based on their features and specifications. Even, you can visit showrooms or stores to understand the difference between models of these brands before choosing any of them.

Official Website of O General : https://www.fujitsu-general.com/g-in/

Official Website of Daikin : https://www.daikinindia.com/

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