Bluestar vs Daikin

Blue Star vs Daikin [Which One is Better Daikin or Blue Star?]

Air conditioners play a great role in summers. Today, we can see air conditioners everywhere such as buildings, offices, commercial centers, homes, etc. The reliance on air conditioners has brought a number of new inventions to the market. Every day, the name of a new brand offering air conditioners enters the market.

When summers come, everybody starts preparing to cope with the scorching heat. Air conditioners are an ideal answer to summers. So, if you want to purchase an air conditioner, then you may come across a number of brands and companies in the market, offering new tech air conditioners with a lot of exciting features.

Bluestar vs Daikin

If it is your first purchase, then you may be confused because of the existence of many AC brands in the marketplace. Choosing which brand is the main question in front of you. Different brands offer different models with dissimilar specifications, no matter whether you are considering a window or a split air conditioner.

Popular Brands

When it comes to AC brands, the two most popular brands in India are Blue Star and Daikin. When you narrow down your search to these two options, Blue Star and Daikin, then it won’t give you any surprise.

Now, you may be wondering among these two, which brand is an ideal one to go with. Whether you should go for Blue Star or Daikin, you need to decide after considering many things. The main thing you need to do is to compare the features and specifications of different models from both these brands. 

You can do it by going online. Make a list of features and compare them to make an informed decision.

Here is the comparison of Blue Star and Daikin Air Conditioners:

One Ton Air Conditioners [Daikin VS Blue Star]

         Daikin 1 Ton Split AC     
   Blue Star 1 Ton Inverter Split AC  

  • Annual Energy Consumption : 577 units
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas : R32
  • Copper Condenser Coil  

  • Annual Energy Consumption: 600.91 units
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas: R32
  •  Self Clean Technology      

A Blue Star AC with a cooling capacity of 1 ton is compared with the Daikin AC with a similar cooling capacity. Both models are equipped with the same BEE star rating of three stars. The Blue Star wins over the Daikin model with an ISEER rating of 3.54 while Daikin has a 3.36 ISEER rating.

If we talk about the actual power consumption, the Daikin air conditioner takes 955 watts of electricity. While on the other hand, the Blue Star air conditioner uses 918 watts. So, if you want to buy an air conditioner that gives less electricity bills, then you need to purchase a Daikin air conditioner.

 Considering the cooling capacity, the Blue Star has a cooling capacity of 3380 watts, while the Daikin model has a cooling capacity of 3350 watts. Talking about decibel levels, the Blue Star AC produces an operating sound of 28-41 decibels, whereas, the Daikin air conditioner produces sound in a similar range of 29-40 decibels.

Two-ton Air Conditioners [Blue Star VS Daikin]

         Blue Star 2 Ton Inverter Split AC     
   Daikin 1.8 Ton Inverter Split AC  

  • Capacity : 2 Ton
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas : R32
  • Suitable for 160-220sq feet  

  • Capacity : 1.8 Ton
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Copper Condenser Coil
  •  Power Chill Operation      

If we talk about two-ton air conditioners, both brands are compared. The Blue Star model with a two-ton cooling capacity has a star rating of 5 stars. While on the other side, the Daikin air conditioner with a 2-ton cooling capacity comes with a three-star rating.

It means that the Blue Star AC is more energy-efficient among two of the models in terms of Energy Efficient Rating. When it comes to power consumption, Daikin’s model has a much higher power consumption than its counterpart as it takes 2365 watts, whereas the Blue Star model uses 1810 watts. 

In terms of cooling capacity, the Blue Star model has a cooling capacity of 6650 watts, while the Daikin AC has a cooling capacity of 7100 watts. In terms of decibel levels, the Blue Star develops sound up to 49 decibels, whereas the Daikin model has an operational sound average between 39 and 49 decibels.


It is concluded that Blue Star air conditioners are better than Daikin ones when it comes to energy-efficient rating. But speaking of noise levels, the Daikin air conditioners work at lower noise levels. It may be difficult to compare these models, but you must consider all factors before deciding.

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Daikin Official Website :

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