Japanese AC Brands [Japanese Air Conditioners Brands]

Japanese AC Brands in India 2023

In previous times, the cost of air conditioners was too high. Only some people had air conditioners at their places. At that time, air conditioners were seen as a symbol of wealth and status. As time passed on, technology got advanced, which led to the existence of many affordable air conditioners in the market.

Many companies or manufacturers began making affordable, commercially available ACs. Air conditioners have now become a primary element of modern life in Japan due to the heatwave in 2018 or global warming. Not only in Japan but even the necessity of air conditioners in India is also in high demand.

Japanese AC Brands

So, whether you want to buy an AC in India or anywhere else, consider these popular Japanese brands of air conditioners:

  • Daikin
  • Toshiba
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic
  • Hitachi

Japanese brands are well-known in the world because of cutting-edge technology, as well as loftier craftsmanship. They have been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. They have added several inventions to the market that have transformed the way air conditioning functions. Get detailed info about these well-known brands of Japan:


They are based in Osaka and were established in 1924. They are known for the invention of VRF or Variable Refrigerant Flow and innovation of the split system air conditioning in the market. They are one of the world’s leading brands if we talk about air conditioning.

The best part is that they have an affordable range of air conditioners while maintaining eco-friendly features. The models of Daikin air conditioners have features like self-diagnosis technology, coanda airflow, econo mode, eco-friendly R-32 Green Refrigerant, etc.

         Daikin 1 Ton Split AC     
   Daikin 1.8 Ton Split AC 

  • Annual Energy Consumption : 577 units
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas : R32
  • Copper Condenser Coil  

  • Annual Energy Consumption: 1115 units
  • Energy Rating : 4 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas: R32
  •  Copper Condenser Coil      

Official Website : https://www.daikinindia.com/


The company was established in 1918. Previously known as Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Limited, Panasonic is a huge name on the list of Japanese multinational electronics companies. They are headquartered in Kodama, Osaka. Air conditioners by Panasonic are equipped with a premium design, which compliments the modern Japanese home.

Panasonic air conditioners have smart and healthy cooling features while offering amazing durability and resistance against weather conditions. They also have a special Nanoe range of air purification to offer. Features of Panasonic air conditioners include smart controls, a powerful mode. Econavi sensors, nanoe air purification, stabilizer-free operation, anti-corrosive blue fin technology, R32 Refrigerant, and 100% pure copper coils.

         Panasonic 2 Tons Split AC    
   Panasonic 1.5 Ton Split AC 

  • Annual Energy Consumption : 1013.01 kWh
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • Voice Control  

  • Annual Energy Consumption: 1056.45 kWh
  • Energy Rating : 3 Star
  • PM 2.5 Filter
  •  Copper Condenser Coil       

Official Website : https://www.panasonic.com/in/air-conditioners.html

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The next name on the list is Toshiba, which is a large Japanese multinational brand in Minato, Tokyo. The oldest company in Japan, initiated in 1875, Toshiba has a long and rich history offering innovative and original designs. Toshiba was the first company to develop split AC.

They are the pioneers in the mid-range and affordable range of air conditioners. They are renowned for their build quality and ease of use when it comes to ACs. Features such as the Self-cleaning feature, Aqua Resin Coated Magic Coil, special incline on the fan blades, special IAQ filter technology, etc., are available in such air conditioners.

         TOSHIBA 1.8 Ton Split AC     
   TOSHIBA 1.5 Ton Split AC 

  • Quite Operations
  • Energy Rating : 4 Star
  • Self Cleaning
  • Magic Coil  

  • Inverter Technology
  • Energy Rating : 4 Star
  • Self Cleaning
  •  Aqua Resin Coated Coil      

Official Website : http://www.toshibaac.in/


Hitachi is another name on the list of multinational companies. Headquarter of Hitachi is located in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The company was originated in 1910. This popular Japanese brand. They are the first in the market to manufacture air conditioners with inverter technology and PAM-control converters.

Hitachi air conditioners have self-cleaning-like features along with SetFree refrigerant and variable flow. Their products are renowned to concentrate on sustainability by decreasing greenhouse gases with reduced power consumption.

Hitachi ACs have exciting features such as Intelligent Penta Sensor, Inner Grooved Copper Tubes, Filter Clean Indicator, Expandable Air Inverter Technology, Advanced Microcontroller, and SuperSlit Fins.

         Hitachi 1.5 Ton Split AC     
   Hitachi 1 Ton Split AC

  • Annual Energy Consumption : 897.84 units
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas : R410a
  • Stabiliser Free Operation  

  • Annual Energy Consumption: 585.85 units
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • SuperFine Mesh Filter
  •  Copper Condenser Coil      

Official Website : https://www.hitachiaircon.in/

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Last but not least, The company was founded in 1921. It is a multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company in Japan. They are headquartered in Tokyo. They are known for the highest quality and reliability.

The special thing about the brand is that the products made by them undergo stringent testing, assuring the quality before reaching the customers. Quick restart, infrared sensors, superior airflow control, automatic control system, self-cleaning filters, and silent operation are some of the features offered by Toshiba air conditioners.

         Mitsubishi Electric AC 1.5 TR     
   Mitsubishi Electric 1 Ton Split AC  

  • Annual Energy Consumption : 1450 Watts
  • Energy Rating : 3 Star
  • Noise Level : ‎41 dB
  • 24 hour Timer  

  • Automatic Restart
  • Self-diagnostic Function
  • 24 Hour Timer
  •  Auto Restart, Dehumidifier      

Official Website : https://mitsubishielectric.in/products/air-conditioning-systems

Here is the list of Top Japanese AC Brands available in India.

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