Which AC is Best Window or Split

Which AC is Best Window or Split?

Are you considering the purchase of an air conditioner? Which AC is better, window or split? Well, it depends on your needs and preferences. But at the same time, there are many factors affecting the purchase of an air conditioner. First of all, you need to understand the difference between window air conditioners and split air conditioners and then decide to buy which one.

Which AC is Best Window or Split
         Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC     
(Copper 185 LZH)
   Voltas 1.5 Ton Split AC  
(185V JZJT)

  • Annual Energy Consumption: 1157.29 units
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas : R32
  • Suitable for 111 to 150 sq ft  

  • Annual Energy Consumption: 891.86 Units
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas: R32
  •  Suitable for 111 to 150 sq.ft      

Let’s know what factors can affect your decision of buying a split or a window air conditioner:


When it comes to pricing, window ACs are better and have a cheaper price than split air conditioners. If we talk about maintenance and servicing, the costs are lower for window air conditioners. While split ACs are quite expensive ones.


Another factor to keep in mind is space. When you have to choose between a window AC and split AC, space requirements are important to go through. Window ACs need more space as the whole appliance is just one system. for that, you have to provide a full window space or you can adjust a wall to accommodate a window AC. when it comes to split air conditioners, there are 2 different units, which you can mount on either side of the same wall, which will give you some flexibility.


This factor should not be missed at all. A split air conditioner is virtually silent while a window AC can be louder, even in a low load because it is fitted to a window frame. A window AC has the inner blower and compressor as one unit and the compressor is responsible for most of the noise.

As in split ACs, inner and outer mechanisms are separated from each other, this is why noise comes lesser than window ACs. The compressor is located in the outer unit in a split AC, which makes it the quieter of the two.

Energy Consumption and Efficiency

Considering this factor won’t make any comparison because both of these types of air conditioners take similar amounts of power. But nowadays, there are 5-star rated split air conditioners in the market, which are much higher than window ones.

Talking about the efficiency of air conditioners, there are modern ACs available with inverter technology that takes less power than non-inverter counterparts. And these new-tech-based ACs are better than old ACs. Its efficiency is all based on the BEE rating and the type of compressor technology used in an air conditioner.

AC Energy Consumption

         Blue Star 1 Ton Split AC (IC512EBTU)     
   Blue Star 1 Ton Window AC (3W12LAMilky)   

  • Annual Energy Consumption : 600.91 units
  • Energy Rating : 5 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas : R32
  • Suitable for up to 110 sq.ft  

  • Annual Energy Consumption: 897.96units
  • Energy Rating : 3 Star
  • Refrigerant Gas: R32
  •  Suitable for 100 to 120 Sq Ft.      

Cooling capacity

The cooling ability or capacity of an air conditioner is defined by its tonnage. Split air conditioners are mounted high and made for larger spaces. While on the other hand, window ACs are ideal for air circulation in smaller rooms. Most importantly, one can get split ACs of more tonnage, like more than 2 tons.

Cooling Capacity


On the basis of maintenance, people get attracted to window ACs because they are much easier to maintain and their service is also easy to go through. The cost of maintenance of a split air conditioner is more as it comprises two different parts. A split AC is difficult to service and needs periodic maintenance so that optimal results can be ensured.

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Window ACs are constrained to one color, which is normally white. On the other side, split air conditioners are available in many colors and patterns, changing the whole look of your room. Moreover, window ACs are portable and can be moved from one place to another. But a split AC is not portable.


When it comes to the installation of a split air conditioner, it always needs the help of a professional and may charge some extra fees. Window ACs can be easily installed if you have a window available with other requirements fulfilled.

So, these are some things you can consider and compare to make an informed decision for buying the right AC for your space whether it is a residential or a commercial place.

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